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A working transmission is absolutely crucial if you want your truck to run at optimal performance. In fact, you want your transmission to be in tip-top shape if you want your truck to run at all! The Gear Works is the best business for transmission rebuilding in Bend, OR.

The transmission serves as the critical connection between the truck's engine and driveshaft. The transmission is what applies torque to the driveshaft, which is in turn transferred to the wheels. When your transmission is working, the wheels’ RPM responds to changes in the engine’s RPM. We call these different ratios “gears.” Unfortunately, a lot can happen to a truck’s transmission. A leakage in manual transmission fluid can increase friction inside your transmission and paralyze the engine. Even regular wear and tear quickly tires out your transmission. It is composed of moving parts, all interacting closely together. The heat and grind the transmission undergoes can wear down its parts in no time.

The excellent mechanics at The Gear Works will perform a professional transmission replacement for you if necessary.

We were founded by a mechanic with 45 years of experience in transmission repair. We have seen everything, and we are capable of addressing your every need. If you need a manual transmission rebuild for your truck, we will replace your worn components with brand new, high quality (USA/Japanese made) parts.

We have been in business as The Gear Works for five years and are dedicated to making sure your transmission system is in excellent working order and that you are safe on the road. Call us today for service anywhere in Central Oregon.

We guarantee your transmission will work like new!

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